The End ∞

Opsss, I’ve never close this blog, after coming back from my exchange. It was my purpose to finish it during the Christmas holiday but I just wrote it and I didn’t publish it because I didn’t have time to revise it.

Yeah in Australia I used to have so much free time, here I’m always busy.

If someone asked me how was my return to the Italian life, I would answer it was so exciting and I didn’t have many problems to adapt to go back to my driving mad school because I was full of energy, after relaxing for 5 months I really felt happy to work hard.

Even my friends saw me different, they told me I was too euphoric hahah;) but it was just at the beginning, now I’m getting lazier, grumpier and bored as usual. Lol. 😦


But on the other hand ∞∞I feel so incomplete, just writing in english again make me feel homesick, and for “home” I mean Australia. Everything there seemed so amazing.

I miss speaking in english, I miss my host family, I miss Lakes Grammar, I miss my aussie classmates, I miss Lake Haven, Soldiers Beach, Sydney and most of all I miss the summer, in my little village the weather is so cold, foggy and creepy.

The italian school has already started to drive me mad.. but this is another story and I don’t want to talk about it in this blog, which is to talk about my aussie adventure.

So let’s begin from where I left in the last post: I don’t remember everything I did during the last weeks, I think the main thing was going surfing with the school on Wednesday and spending the rest of the day there with the girls of year 10. It was a perfect day to go to the beach and the waves were so good to surf. There were two surfing coach that taught me and I was so proud of myself when I finally got to stand, even if only for few seconds, on that unstable board.


On Friday I went to Zali’s bday party where we all dressed up since the theme of the party “occupation”, I personally wore a farmer custom that in the end turned up to be a cow girl one.

Caitlin was particolary beautiful dressed as a “sailor woman”, so proud of my gorgeous, hot host sister.♥


It was a weekend full on, in fact the next day I also went with Caitlin and Louis to my first concert in Sydney, given by Taylor Swift.

Even if I’m not a great fan of her and I didn’t know most of her songs it was such a marvellous experience and I can’t wait to go to another concert.

The atmosphere was so magic: we were in the wide Olympic stadium and everyone had a lightful bracelets on their wrist. The effect was incredible.

And on Sunday I went to Lucas’ bday party where I got the change to go on the tube, which is a platform tied to a boat with a rope. So so so cool! I wish I could do this also in Italy.

My last week was really intense as well and every day I had to say goodbye to someone.

On Monday I went to Hannah’s house with Caitlin P. for a sleepover, we drank slashies, drove a quad and ate a delicious thailand dinner, in order to make the most of my time left in Australia. And for breakfast we had the inevitable toast with vegemite. Yummy!;)


On Wednesday I went to the beach again but this time I couldn’t surf because there weren’t good waves but I enjoyed the arvo anyway playing soccer with my year 10 friends and listening to Lachie singing and playing the guitar.


In the evening I went to Tuggerah with Caitlin Page and we ate Japanese in a sushi trail and then we watched the second part of “Hunger games: The mockingjay”. I know that’s silly but even watching this movie I almost cried, I’m not usally that sensitive, but there were so many part in the movie that were reminding me of my close departure. So I had to say a hurting goodbye to the girl who saved me, pulled me out of my shitty depression at the beginning/half of my exchange.  I miss you so much 😥

On Thursday I went for the last time to Sydney with Ilaria and we bought the last presents and souvenirs.


Then Friday had arrived, I went for the last time to the beautiful Soldiers beach, surfing with Brendan and getting a little bit sunburn with few friends.. to say a sad goodbye. Then my last barbie at home with my aussie family, a short swim in the pool.


And the day of my departure had arrived. When all my luggages were ready I sat on the couch in the living room and started crying: “I don’t want to leave!”. I suddenly realised how 5 months had passed so quickly and I didn’t have any chance to stop the time. When could I come back to see everyone? Could I ever come back one day?



In conclusion, I can tell this exchange, even with all those difficulties I had, was a great experience that fortified myself.

After spending 5 months in a different country where everything was new, I’m more confident about myself, I know I can do things I didn’t believe I was able to do.

I’m grateful for every single person I meet in Australia, I’ll keep everyone in my memory, looking forward to having a chance to see “yas” again!

In the end, if you, reading this post, are doubting about going on exchange or not, i can tell you from my experience that even if it is not always easy it really worths it in the long term. Everything I did and learnt  was so valuable to make me the person I am today.

So I want to reaffirm you should get every single chance you get in life, don’t have fear of change, because “you can’t ever lose, either you win or you learn”.

Yolo! So Carpe Diem!

Goodbye amazing people ♥♥




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