Year 12😎

Here we go… Only one months left. This exchange has gone so quickly. As I think about my departure getting closer and closer my feeling are quite conflicting. On one hand I’m happy to go home, to see my family and my friends and to start the real life again, living here in Australia is really like being in a dream. It’s like I’ve been taking a break from the real world coming here. On the other hand I’m pretty scared on going back, especially for the school which is going to drive me crazy… And obviously I’m really sad to leave this beautiful place when I’ve just started finding my way and meeting such nice people. Changing school grade was a great decision. Year 10 was cool as well but it wasn’t the right place for me. And there are so many advantages from being in year 12.

First of all you can choose your own subjects, you have to do at least 5 subjects and only English is compulsory. I chose mine considering the same ones I’m doing in Italy, in order to make the catching up easier when I go back. So I’m doing standard English, advanced maths, chemistry, biology, physics, extension 1 & 2 maths. Even so I’m not studying quite the same stuff a part from maths but I like it much better. For physics, biology and chemistry we usually do lots of pracs as experiments and we have many fun excursions (for example I’m going to Luna park tomorrow and to the zoo next Friday). We often watch videos about the topics we are studying and once I was really surprised when the physics teacher, in order to explain a topic, played “angry bird” on her iPad projecting it on the board.

English is quite interesting as well, as a matter of fact we watched some engaging scenes of cool movies and we had to analyse which film techniques had been used to convey the concept of discovery and we watched also a show about refugees “go back from where you come from” which was really touching and enriching. It may sound stupid that I get surprised by these simple things but I think is much more interesting than what I was studying in Italy.. Even if I don’t know what’s actually better.

Another advantage of being in year 12 are free periods, which are hours when you have no classes and you can go to the library studying and doing homework. I don’t have many because I’m attending ext 1 & 2 but those few I have are the best hours I’m always looking forward to.

Moreover here at 17 year old you can already get your driving licence and it’s quite common to have a small job in a fast food, supermarkets or other shops, which make you so indipendent. Maybe I’m wrong but I think in Italy you can’t get all this indipendency before you are 18.

Today I’ve been helping the women working at the canteen (mensa) of the school during lunch time (a privilege of year 11) and so I had to serve food to the students. It was a bit challenging because sometime I didn’t know what the students were asking for or I didn’t know the prices of products but it was a nice experience anyway and I really enjoyed it. Especially because in the end I got free food 😏 chicken wrap👌🏻

The last but not the least cool thing about year 12 are the personinalized jackets with the school colours and emblem and your nickname on the back. Unfortunately they are having their jacket done by next April so I can’t get one too. But I hope I can bring this tradition also to my school in Italy. Guess what. That jacket would have been perfect also when I go back because lakes grammar has the same initial letters of liceo Giorgione. What a weird coincidence! That’s really a pity I can’t get one.
See you soon mates! xx


My first day in year 12

Intense study during free periods

wpid-wp-1446707804408.jpgLovely girls at the canteen

Smart Scratchy helping me doing homework

When Australians try to imitate your Italian accent but they sound like people from the south

Ps: you know what is the most surprising thing have seen happening at school?! The reverend asking to year 12 girl to babysit his children. That’s really unexpected.



  1. Simonetta Ronzani · novembre 5, 2015

    c’è un errore prima di….refugee…give a look! per il resto è molto bello! brava!

    Mi piace

  2. Simonetta Ronzani · novembre 5, 2015

    non so se è il caso di usare la parola ” terroni”….suona male!

    Il giovedì 5 novembre 2015, Simonetta Ronzani ha scritto:

    > c’è un errore prima di….refugee…give a look! > per il resto è molto bello! > brava! >

    Mi piace


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