Food in Australia🇦🇺🍴

Everyone knows me for my endless hunger and passion for food. So since I’ve been here I’ve been trying as many different food as possible but I think no one beats the real authentic original Italian and healthy dishes that my mummy cooks for me. But not everything is bad here, I’ve been discovering also many new dishes and cuisines from all nationalities. Wherever you go you can find take away shops, restaurants for all nationalities and of course 11953308 different type of fast foods like KFC, Macca’s, red rooster, subway, domino, Pizza Hut etc.. Let’s have an overview:

    • Japanese food. I fell in love with sushi tuna and avocado🍣 Right before leaving for Australia I went to a Japanese restaurant to say goodbye to some friends and I didn’t like the sushi there, here it’s heaps better.
    • Thai food

When we went to celebrate Caitlin’s bday with her relatives we went out to a Thai restaurant and I had some pink chips called “proun chips” and a “Pad Thai” which was a sort of spaghetti with a sweet sauce, that tasted like honey and some nuts.


    • Chinese food
    • image




    • Turkish bread

I really like Turkish bread for its chewy texture and it can be eaten together with many different dips.

    • Greek dessert: baklava

These little pastry from Greece are really sweet and tastes like honey.

    • Mexican: tacos.
      I have it once a week because it’s one of the only dishes that everyone likes in my host family, including my fussy brother. 😛 They basically consists in meat mince with tacos chilly sauce, lettuce, carrots and tasty cheese in crusty or soft tortillas.


Real Aussie food:

    • Vegemite

Vegemite is practically the icon of Australia, but what is it exactly? It’s a dark brown cream that can be exchange with Nutella from the colour but it has a really different taste. If Nutella is really sweet and delicious, you can’t tell the same of Vegemite which has a really strong savory taste. If you are having for the first time don’t put on your toast the same amount you would take of Nutella, you would regret it, trust me. The best way to have Vegemite, and actually enjoy it, is in small amount with butter and eggs on your toast.



    • Peanutbutter

This kind of butter is so unhealthy but it has a nice taste of “gelato alla nocciola”.

    • Milo

It’s kind of a chocolate milkshake, similar to nesquik but it is supposed to be healthy.

    • Meat pie

Meat pies are pretty good, they are salvory round pies filled with beef or potatoes.

    • Jelly

I don’t really like jelly, they have such an artificial fuchsia color, they don’t have any taste, and the texture reminds me about soft crap.

    • Tim tams

Chocolate biscuits that you can use as straw drinking tea or hot chocolate and in this way make them melt. Yummy!👌😍


Tropical fruit

    • Avocado

It’s usually eaten in salads but it’s also a nice dip to eat with carrots or crackers as snack.


    • Mango

They have a sweet indescribable nice taste.


    • Passion fruit


Something healthy

    • Hummus and carrots
    • Porridge with honey and banana

This has become my unavoidable breakfast!

It doesn’t look that good, but I swear it damn is.

  • Sweet potatoes

A good alternative for fries.. Maybe still not very healthy though.

Something unhealthy

    • Freedo chocolates

most unhealthy and delicious chocolates, I got some caramel koalas for my bday.

    • Favourites

This is probably the most popular bday present when you don’t know what to buy. It’s a packet of mixed chocolates.

    • Chocolate pizza

I was so surprised when I found out that pizza is also a dessert. I was only used to think about pizza as a savory dish!

    • Cheese and garlic split

That’s my favorite food at school, it’s simply crusty bread with galic and melted cheese on top.

Claimed to be Italian but I’ve actually never seen these stuff in Italy

      • Garlic bread and garlic pizza


It’s crusty bread with butter and garlic which is usually eaten before having pizza or some other Italian dish such as lasagna.


      • Pasta with meatballs

They think pasta with meatballs is Italian but it is probably an American dish, because in Italy we only eat pasta and meatballs separately.

      • Meat lovers pizza with BBQ sauce instead of tomato sauce

And they call this “pizza”. That’s a shame! Haha 😂

Italian words used for different meanings

        • Pepperoni pizza: that’s not pizza with capsicums but with spicy salami


I was so confused when I got a pepperoni pizza expecting capsicums.

    • Granita is a cocktail whereas the actual granita is called slushy



The greatest different I’ve noticed between eating habits in Italy and in Australia, is that in Italy we usually have very big cooked lunch at home whereas here for lunch they have only some sandwiches or small snacks and the main meal is dinner. Moreover in Italy I used to eat only Italian food all the time, since here they don’t really have a typical australian food but Australia is a multiethnic country you can find cuisines from all different nationality. Isn’t this amazing?!



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